Seniors are the fastest growing population and greatest users of health care in Ontario. By 2020, one in four Ontarians will be over 65 and many will have complex medical and social needs.

Elderly people may suffer from a range of impairments, including delirium, incontinence, reduced cognition, immobility, loss of hearing and vision, and instability resulting in increased risk for falls. Patients are often required to see different specialists for different conditions. Since care for elderly people is rarely well coordinated, both patients and their families are negatively affected. With the help of those who want to make a difference, Sunnybrook is changing that.

Senior‐friendly care is a strategic priority at Sunnybrook. The Geriatric Medicine Division at Sunnybrook is committed to inventing the future of health care for seniors, addressing the complex medical and social needs of this high-needs population. The seniors team works with their hospital colleagues to plan, review and manage senior-friendly care across all programs at Sunnybrook. The team also trains residents and fellows who can then use their new skills to benefit seniors across the province.