New York City-to-Philadelphia Greenway Ride: Fundraising

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Fundraising is easier than you think. 

It's important to remember you are asking for the cause, not yourself. Studies have shown that people want to help, they just want to be asked. So let’s start asking!


Below you will find some steps we encourage you to do to make asking easier and more efficient. 


Fundraising Incentives: 

We’ve developed the following fundraising incentives available to all event participants who reach the designated dollar amounts:

Individual Fundraising Incentives:

Team Fundraising Incentives (Note: teams must consist of two or more participants):

Largest Team, First place:

Largest Team, Second place:

Largest Team, Third place:

Highest Fundraising Team, First place (by August 15)

Highest Fundraising Team, Second place (by August 15)

Highest Fundraising Team, Third place (by August 15)

Ride-specific gear earned as incentives will be shipped to your home in advance of the ride.

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