Sitio Tuoy



Chief Rudy has led his community through many challenges, including most recently, a global pandemic. COVID-19 has posed a unique threat for his community, Sitio Tuoy. Without water to wash their hands, latrines to ensure safe hygiene practices, or access to clinics near their community, Rudy has spent the last year fearing for the health of the 45 families that live in Sitio Tuoy. 

It is a 30 minute walk to the nearest spring where families can collect water to drink, bathe and wash their clothes. This water often gives people, especially young children, diarrhea. When children are sick from the water they drink, they will have a harder time absorbing nutrients, fighting off other illnesses and growing at a good pace. Malnutrition plagues Sitio Tuoy. 

Chief Rudy is ready to bring transformational change to his community, change that will allow them to wash their hands in their own home. Change that will allow mothers to wet a cloth and wipe the diarrhea off the legs of their babies when they are sick and dehydrated. Change that will foster development of an entire community with dignity.

Water changes everything. Help Chief Rudy create that change for Sitio Tuoy.