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In the spring of 1804, a young Mohawk chief named Teyoninhokarawen (also known as Captain John Norton) sailed for England to negotiate treaties. While there, he noticed that many of those working for the abolition of slavery drew their inspiration from the Bible. He came to believe that the Bible’s message would benefit his people too – if only it were available in Mohawk.
At the request of the newly formed British and Foreign Bible Society, Teyoninhokarawen translated the Gospel of John into Mohawk, and returned in 1806 with 500 copies for his people. This Mohawk translation was the first-ever use of Bible Society funds for printing the Scriptures, the first Scripture publication of the Bible Society, and the first translation of the Scriptures into an indigenous language!
That’s a lot of “firsts”! Your support today will enable the Canadian Bible Society to accomplish more “firsts” in the future.
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Canada @ 150 – Celebrating our Past, Present and Future

Did you know that the Bible played an important role in the founding of Canada? Many Canadians are unaware that God’s Word is reflected in our name – the Dominion of Canada. The name and the motto on the Canadian coat of arms, “A Mari usque ad Mare” (translated “From Sea to Sea”) both come from Psalm 72.8: “He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth.”

Since its establishment, the Canadian Bible Society (CBS) has been a part of Canada’s rich history…
  • Helping build the nation by providing Scriptures to newcomers. Since 1955, CBS has been offering all new Canadians a Bible at Citizenship ceremonies across the country. Today, newcomers to Canada connect with God’s Word through CBS at a Citizenship ceremony, or at a church-based ESL class.
  • Helping preserve the languages of indigenous Canadians by making the Bible available in their heart language.
  • Encouraging and comforting Canadian troops in perilous assignments. CBS’ ministry to Canadian soldiers began in 1914. By the end of WWI, CBS had distributed over 434,000 volumes of a special-edition Bible to Canadian military in 18 different languages! In WWII, that number grew to almost 800,000 volumes. Our special relationship with the Canadian Forces continues today!
  • Strengthening the Church through changing times. For over 200 years, each generation has experienced the Bible in fresh ways! CBS is not a stagnant movement! In partnership with local churches and organizations across Canada, our faithful supporters empower creative and effective opportunities to engage both young and old with the life-giving Word of God.

At 150, Canada is one of the leading countries in the world in terms of economic growth and influence. This position has allowed the Canadian Bible Society to be a valuable partner in the global Bible work of the United Bible Societies. While our ministry in Canada continues, we are also making the Bible available in many countries around the world. Your support today will ensure that God’s Word will continue to touch hearts and lives in Canada and around the world.

$150 for 150 years!

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