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Your support of the Chinese church is reaching Christians in remote areas of China with God’s Word, like the church in this photo. Thirty Christians meet regularly in this small farmhouse that serves as the building for Luo Shui Church. Some of the church members walk for hours through the mountains each week to get there. They can only reach the church by using stepping stones to cross a stream.

One letter sent to the Bible Society from a member of a church in a remote place in China expresses their deep gratitude:

“I write this letter with a grateful heart. You have not forgotten us, a small and faraway church. Your love has crossed over cultures and languages. We can indeed understand the love of God from you.”
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More than just a gift of paper…

God continues to work in China. In 2014, the Telegraph reported that China is “on its course to become ‘the world’s most Christian nation.’” Christianity is growing in such a rapid pace that “by 2030 it could have more churchgoers than America.” This report is still true today as the Chinese church continues to move forward with godly passion.

However, with one million new followers of Jesus joining the church in China every year, there are not nearly enough Bibles to go around. And many who live in rural areas struggle to survive on $1 a day, so they cannot afford a Bible even if they could somehow find one to purchase.

God has opened the door for the Canadian Bible Society (CBS) to provide thousands of new Bibles for waiting hands and open hearts in China. Thanks to faithful supporters, CBS is able to cover the cost of locally-produced paper for the Amity Printing press in China. With no added importation or duty charges, this paper is used to print millions of new, strongly bound, hardcover durable Bibles.

Please make a gift today to help provide the needed paper to print Bibles in China. It only costs $1.50 to buy the paper needed for one Chinese Bible. But for a new Christian in China, $1.50 worth of paper means the difference between having the life-changing message of God’s Word, and going without.

Here’s what your support can do:

• A gift of $25 buys the paper for 16 Chinese Bibles;

• A gift of $50 buys the paper for 33 Chinese Bibles;

• A gift of $100 buys the paper for 66 Chinese Bibles.

Let us show our love and support to the growing Church in China by giving the gift that matters most to them – God’s Word in their hands.

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