20th Year Alumni Retreat Registration - Individuals

This registration page is for those who are registering just themselves for the retreat. If you are bringing children and a significant other to support your ability to bring children to the retreat, please fill out this page.

The early bird registration deadline is October 12 to get a discounted rate, and the regular registration deadline is November 1.

**Make sure you click "CLICK HERE TO REVIEW YOUR PAYMENT" at the bottom of this page, as well as the confirmation on the next page, to ensure that you have fully registered. If you don't receive a confirmation email, please email with tsmookler@joinforjustice.org to confirm your registration.

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Contact Information

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What year did you graduate from JOI/JOIN (you can estimate if you don’t remember)?

How are you spending your time now? (i.e. if you are working, what is your job? If you spend significant time volunteering, on what?)

What made you decide to come to the retreat? What would be the most important ways to spend time there for this to be a great experience for you?

What sessions or topics would you want to see? What sessions might you want to lead? Who would you be excited to learn from?

There several types of rooms (which you can see here: https://hazon.org/isabella-freedman/facilities/). We will be randomly assigning rooms unless there is a specific need for one or the other (such as bringing families, accessibility needs, etc.). Please share here if you need a specific room need and please explain why you are making this request.

Please share what you would like us to consider in matching you with a room and roommates. For example, are there individuals you’d like to room with? Would you like to room with others who are shomer Shabbat (i.e. those who are observant of the traditional laws of Shabbat, such as keeping the lights off, no electronics in the room, etc.)? Do you have gender preferences for who you room with? Please be clear about what are preferences and what are needs. (For example, it might be nice for me to room other people who love dogs but I absolutely will feel uncomfortable with someone who does not keep Shabbat”).

Please share any accessibility needs you have for this retreat, and we will follow up to work with you to make this event accessible. The venue is wheelchair accessible.

Please share any dietary needs you have (the retreat center is Kosher).

Shabbat needs/wants: This will be a Shabbat friendly retreat (we will hold services, have Shabbat meals, there is an eruv around the retreat center, etc.), but there is a diversity in if and how participants will be observing Shabbat. Please share any additional Shabbat needs, suggested norms, or anything else you would like us to consider when designing the content and structure for this retreat.

You are responsible for your travel costs to and from the retreat, and JOIN will work to support carpooling, coordinating rides or taxis to/from the airport and train stations, and will be in touch with you more about that shortly. You can learn more about how to get there in our FAQ section. JOIN is committed to making this retreat accessible to all alumni and will work with you to support your ability to attend. If you would like to request a travel subsidy, please email Tali Smookler at tsmookler@joinforjustice.org by October 8. How will you be traveling to the retreat?

Where will you be traveling in from (City and State)? What station/airport are you traveling into (if not driving)?

We are invested and committed to supporting Jews from marginalized identities at the retreat. If you feel comfortable, please share your identities below so we better understand the make-up of our alumni at the retreat. Enter here however much of your identity you would like to share, and/or use the specific categories below.


Class background and/or current:

Do you have a disability?



Is there anything else you'd like to share?

* We are committed to making this retreat financially accessible to our alumni. After October 12, the cost of the retreat for an individual is $330. This covers food, housing, and all the sessions for the retreat for an individual. If you have the resources, we ask you consider contributing $400 to support subsidizing another participant's registration. Please select your rate below. If you need further financial assistance to support your attendance, please email Tali Smookler at tsmookler@joinforjustice.org. Your registration can be fully refunded through November 1.

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