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For decades, Cuba was an atheistic society. In the last ten years, something amazing has been stirring in the hearts of people. Today the number of Christians there has doubled, and more than two million Cubans have found Jesus Christ.

In fact, their love of God is so great that Christians meet in every conceivable venue: a public garage, a rickety outdoor lean-to, a living room with boards for benches, or wherever space is available. Some churches are so full that attendees stand outside and pray, to make room for new people to hear the Word of God!

The Canadian Bible Society partnered with A Bible for Every Cuban Mission, an initiative by the United Bible Societies, which aims to provide Bibles to churches in Cuba. Know more about our Bible distribution efforts in Cuba here.
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Tearing down the barriers in Cuba

In Cuba, a Bible costs about two weeks salary of a worker. This makes the Bible a luxury for most Cuban people. It certainly places a huge barrier between Christians and their desire to know more about Jesus through the Bible.

In a country where people have been writing down Scripture verses and passing them around from believer to believer on pieces of paper, the Bibles you give will be like water in a parched land.

As we look forward to Holy Week, please consider making a gift to send Bibles to Cuba as a way of sharing the message of Christ’s death and resurrection. Here’s what your gift can do:

• $50 will provide 5 Cubans with their very own Bible.

• $100 will put the New Testament into the hands of 28 people;

• $500 will allow 50 families to receive the Word of God.

Thank you for helping remove the barriers between Cubans and God’s Word today.

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