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There are over 400 sign languages around the the world, and 90% of them do not have even one verse of Scripture translated into their dialect. No complete Bible exists in any sign language anywhere.

That’s because composing a visual Bible is an enormous undertaking. It requires the same extensive research and comprehension-checks as a text translation, but it also includes video recording, editing, correcting, re-recording, and production.

The cost to produce visual Bibles for the deaf is significantly higher than that of a printed Bible. A single error can result in having to record an entire chapter all over again. Your support will help speed up Bible translation for the Deaf community.
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God’s Word in Sign Language

The Deaf community is still one of the most isolated and marginalized groups in the world. The number of deaf people around the world is almost twice the population of Canada, but only 2% has been introduced to the gospel. The majority cannot turn to God’s Word in times of need, because the Scriptures are not available in their language.

Deaf people can see, so one might think that they should know how to read; but learning to read comes from understanding how words sound. For people who are deaf, who have never heard a spoken language, reading is extremely difficult. Even if they do learn, it’s a second language, and most do not fully understand what they’re reading.

More than 70 million people call sign language their heart language. The life-changing message of God’s Word should be presented to them in the form of a visual Bible. With your generosity, we can continue our ministry of producing visual Bibles to bring the gospel to life in video format.

Your gift today will help this unreached group find life in Jesus as they experience for themselves the power of God’s living Word!

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