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Everyone has their milestones in life. When Willam was abandoned at the age of six, it marked the beginning of a long and rough journey for this resilient warrior. Without a tattoo, microchip or collar to identify him, he became a nameless stray overnight, a worthless animal that both humans and fellow felines had little time for. 
Living on the streets led Willam to get caught up in many scraps with other cats. Every day was another battle for territory or a fight for food. Yet, h
e was just doing what he could to survive. D
eep down, Willam wasn't really a fighter. 
One kind lady saw this and decided to open her heart to him. She built an outdoor shelter and provided food for Willam on a regular basis, giving him some comfort in his otherwise rough life.
One night in November 2018, Willam was involved in a vicious fight that left his right eye punctured and torn. With no medical attention, infection set in that eventually resulted in blindness. 
Another brutal fight in March 2019 almost took Willam's life but thankfully, a brave and warm-hearted rescuer intervened. She scooped him up in her arms and called MEOW Foundation, who subsequently arranged for Willam to be rushed to a 24-hour veterinary hospital. MEOW covered expenses for wound care, neutering and later the removal of some teeth and Willam's eye.
Willam's story was shared on MEOW social media and it soon caught the eye of a concerned lady named Rachel. She followed his progress closely and once he was strong enough, she took him home to give him the happy and safe life he had long been waiting for. For Willam (now Richard), it was another milestone, this time for the better. It was the moment that somebody finally looked past the scars and stereotypes and saw him for what he truly was: a sentient being in need of love.

Help us to rescue more cats like him by donating to MEOW Foundation. Every dollar makes a difference.

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