Job Runner Courier’s 24hr Walk - Rich Peers & Friends

On November 3, 2018, Rich Peers & Friends will be Walking the Job Runner Courier’s 24hr Walk in Kitchener. In an effort to give back we will be raising funds for the Grand River Regional Cancer Centre at Grand River Hospital.

Rich Peers - Supporting the Grand River Regional Cancer Centre is a very important to me, as my Father spent his final weeks there. The care and attention he was given is something that I will never take for granted. The compassion and care that the staff gave to him and my family in his final weeks is something I will never forget.

Derek Hergott - It's an honour to be walking 24hrs supporting the GRH Cancer Centre. For over a decade I’ve been involved in raising funds, awareness and quality of life with those that are or have been affected by Cancer. Walking is a form of exercise that WILL raise your quality of life. So, help me, you, help others improve their quality of life by donating or showing your support when I walk the Job Runner Courier's 24hr Walk in Kitchener.

Sandi Swan - I've participated in many events that raise awareness for the Canadian Cancer Society simply because Cancer touches the lives of everyone. In January 2010 my dad passed away after a courageous battle with Cancer. We spent many hours at the GRRCC. Sadly I've had people I care about battle Kidney Cancer, Leukemia, Melanoma, Breast Cancer and currently my mother in law is battling Lung Cancer.

I'm beyond honoured to join Rich in the Job Runners Couriers 24 hour walk in Kitchener to support Grand River Regional Cancer Centre. It's the least I can do in order to support, fundraise and show I care and want to help my community, neighbours, friends, and families as they face this battle.

Rachael Drost - When my Dad lost his battle in 1992, at the age of 36, the Grand River Regional Cancer Centre was still a decade away from opening its doors. But that didn't mean the staff at KW hospital didn't do their best for patient and family care during the whirlwind diagnosis, treatment, and palliative stages. I was seven.  Fast forward to my early 20s, the GRRCC was up and running in full swing for a few years by the time my fiancee was diagnosed. Right there, in the GRRCC, during countless chemo trips, we ended up planning most of our up coming (never to be for various reasons) wedding. All I remember is the level of patient care and the incredible staff making every hard step, a little bit more bearable. The same as they had done so many years before. 

When you, or someone you love, is going through such a life altering experience, you deserve the best of the best care. As much as I hope cancer will be a word of the past, I'm so honored to be fundraising and participating for a service that is needed by far for so many!

Jen Gadoua - I have never done a 24-hr event, but Iam honoured to take on the challenge with some awesome runners. I am even more excited to do so while raising funds for Grand River Cancer Centre. I grew up in a region where the closest oncology care was a 2 hour drive and long wait lists meant people had delayed diagnoses and poor outcomes.

My mom died of suspected ovarian cancer at just age 45 and she only lived 3 months after her diagnosis. I also have a best friend who survived ovarian and breast cancer in her 20's.

I want everyone in our region to have a cutting edge cancer center and just kick cancer's ass!

I know I can break my 50km record! Let's raise some money for our community!!!!

151% of goal raised

Fundraising Goal: $3,000.00

Amount Raised: $4,538.75

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