Andrew Nielsen

I'm going to JUMP OFF A BUILDING in my wheelchair!

Okay, I'm actually rappelling down a building in my wheelchair.  It's pretty much the same thing and I'd do anything to help kids with physical disabilities like me. 

My name is Andrew Nielsen.  I have cerebral palsy, speak with a device and use a wheelchair for mobility.  I was an Easter Seals kid.

I'm currently in a hold and secure in my home due to COVID-19.  I'm not exactly sure that I'm going to be allowed to leave, but I have to help these kids.  Many kids with physical disabilities are stuck at home and need equipment and resources that they cannot access because of COVID-19.  Your donation helps the Easter Seals do just that.  

Please support me in my quest to become a hero!  I love rappelling down a building in my wheelchair.  I feel so alive!  I feel SUPER!  The only thing that feels better is knowing that I'm helping kids like me get what they need to make their lives easier! 

97% of goal raised

Fundraising Goal: $31,000.00

Amount Raised: $30,050.00

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