Fran├žais RHDA (Regina Highland Dancing Association)

Our highland dancing community is made up of dancers, dance teachers, parents, and other volunteers. Our dancers share their love of dance at performances and competitions in Regina, in Saskatchewan, and beyond!

Highland Dance requires stamina, strength, and heart. It takes hardwork, dedication, and passion, and our dancers get on stage with a smile and make it all look so easy!

Last year, though, we learned a hard lesson about how fragile some of our young dancers can be. Despite the smiles and the beautiful dancing, one of our dancers took her own life.

We want to remember her by participating in this walk. We want to raise money so other kids have a place to turn when they need help. We want to raise awareness so that our dancers know they are not alone. And we want to come together as a dance community to offer support to one another as we do all this in Imogen's memory.

254% of goal raised

Fundraising Goal: $1,000.00

Amount Raised: $2,542.50

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