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A New National Virtual Event!

On June 20, 2020


There are no words that can truly convey how much all of us at Fighting Blindness Canada appreciate the incredible support that Cycle for Sight Virtual 2020 received this year. It has been a strange and challenging time for everyone, but our Cycle for Sight community really stepped up in a huge way in the fight against vision loss.

We had 550+ people register for our first-ever virtual event on June 20th and had lots of fun with our amazing host Ramya Amuthan as well as Paralympians and supporters from St. John's, NL to Vancouver, BC.

Together, we raised over $376,000 … and counting! That is remarkable and a true testament to the dedication of our Cycle for Sight family.

So Thank YOU. Thank you for cycling, walking, running, stair climbing, doing yoga, paddle boarding - the list goes on - in support of people affected by blinding eye diseases. You have made a difference and you have played a significant role in advancing vision research in Canada.

Cycle for Sight 2020 Event Information

Truly anyone across Canada can participate in Cycle for Sight Virtual 2020! Registration is free and there are no fundraising minimums. And, for all of our riders that aren't able to cycle, including some of our low vision and blind participants, we're providing other athletic challenges and ideas.

And the technology will be very simple! You will just need access to the Internet and a computer or phone to participate in the event day programming. It's important for our physical and mental health to exercise while we self-distance. And we can continue to stay active together, virtually!

Three ways you can participate:

Cycle Indoors

In the coming weeks we will be sharing a fun half-day program with challenges and activities, including indoor cycling classes, that we can do together virtually on event day.

Cycle Safely Outdoors

If it is safe to cycle solo outdoors at the end of June, then we will provide you with all sorts of route options for your Cycle for Sight.

Run, Walk or Move

If you aren't able to cycle, then set a different fitness goal. Run, walk, climb stairs, jump rope, try yoga…choose your own athletic pursuit!

The Impact You Will Have

Over 1.5 million Canadians are living with blindness or vision loss caused by blinding eye diseases.

Over 5.5 million Canadians are living with an eye condition that puts them at significant risk of losing their sight.

Some were born blind. Others have experienced vision loss as teenagers or during adulthood. Still others lose their sight in retirement when they should be enjoying life. Many have been forced to sacrifice their independence, leaving life-long careers or forfeiting their driver’s license. More still have been losing sight of their loved ones, as blind spots overtake the clarity of their children's faces.

And as field of vision fades, so too can hope.

By raising funds through Cycle for Sight, you are helping Fighting Blindness Canada offer hope to Canadians by identifying the best, most promising research that is driving treatments and cures for blinding eye diseases forward.

You can learn more about the impact you can have by supporting Fighting Blindness Canada, click here.

Thank you to our sponsors

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Top Fundraisers

Christina Henderson$22,600.00
Ann Morrison$22,545.00
Burt Henderson$14,110.00
Ginny Duff$13,738.00
Steven Blanchard$11,014.08
Anonymous Supporter$10,000.00
Rob Richards$10,000.00
Jim Phillips$8,050.00
Tom Cacic$7,745.00
Mario Lapointe$6,954.00
Rowan Anson$6,145.00
Caroline Anson$6,120.00
Stephen & Aria UmezAylward$5,674.00
George Sheen$5,470.00
Elise Heon$4,290.00
Peter Kertes$4,255.00
Freida Ross$4,245.00
Lia Moscone$3,970.00
Rui Umezawa$3,943.00
Michael Stokely$3,780.00

Top Teams

Hendo's Heroes$50,860.00
The Crankers$44,274.00
Team Tomasino$20,103.50
Anson and Then Some$19,737.00
Team Bayer$16,225.00
Eve's DOVS$12,905.00
The Cacic Crew$12,420.00
Wasabi Riders$9,717.00
Here We Go Again$7,940.00
Team Sheen$7,830.00
Vision d'espoir / Vision of Hope$7,759.00
Rusty Gears$7,455.00
Vini Vidi Velo Vino$5,230.00
Team Trek$5,000.00
Bike United$4,955.00
Team Harry$4,670.00
Burke Family$4,265.00