Be A Champion

Every year, an extraordinary group of participants go above and beyond by raising more than $1,500 each to support Fighting Blindness Canada's mission to provide treatments and cures for vision loss. We call these amazing people our Cycle for Sight Champions.

Set your fundraising goal to $1,500 and become a Champion too. And check out some additional perks to being a Champion HERE.


Thank You to Our Incredible 2020 Champions!

Jaime Alexanderson
Caroline Anson
Rowan Anson
Mary Ashbourne Smith
Virginia Banh
Steven Blanchard
Andrew Burke
Tom Cacic
Gerry Chevalier
Warren Cooney
Matthew Cooper
Alan den Otter
John Doherty
Ginny Duff
Doug Earle
Sherif El-Defrawy
Dennis Findlay
Tiffany Goodlet
Andrew Gourlay
Burt Henderson
Christina Henderson
Elise Heon
Susan Joe
Mitchell Kamiel
Susan Joe
Mitchell Kamiel
Peter Kertes
Mario Lapointe
Gideon Leoganda
Garrett Maxfield
Kevin McAllister
Christopher McLaughlin
Ann Morrison
Lia Moscone
Alexis Nickerson
Michael Ovens
Lawrence Penney
Jim Phillips
Rob Richards
Freida Ross
Heather Sheardown
George Sheen
Julie Sheen
Rob Simmons
Michael Stokely
David Sweeny
Joanne Taylor
John Tomasino
Rui Umezawa
Stephen & Aria UmezAylward
Margaret Wilkie
Philip Zunder

Note: This page is updated every Monday, so if you have reached Champion status but don’t see your name here, don’t worry! Your name will appear on Monday. Thank you for your patience.