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Building healthy communities

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Hey everyone! (Wanakita alum, Y Staff past and present, I'm looking at you.)

This message may sound a litle familiar, and thats because its pretty much the same one as last year, with a few changes. 

Things have changed a lot for me & my husband over this past year. From November 2018-2019, I was working at the Collingwood Y, in addition to working for myself. When I started working for the Y again, after many years of being away, I felt like I was truly home. There was something so familiar, and something so comforting about being behind that front desk. Now I know Niagara, and Collingwood are hours apart and very different, but there was just something about walking into those (very slowly) sliding glass doors, that carried so much meaning for me. The place was different, the people were different, but the purpose was the same. 

I was quickly reminded within the first few weeks of being behind the counter, how strongly I believe in what the Y offers. 

Now, as I mentioned, things have changed. I unfortunately had to leave the Collingwood Y. My husband got an amazing promotion back in Toronto, and so the plan of moving to Collingwood was put on pause for us (yes, PAUSE). But, that doesn't mean I'm anywhere near finished with the Collingwood Y. 

Because being back, reignighted in me something that I believe in so deeply. I. believe so strongly in helping others. Its something that is deeply engrained in who I am, and something I never plan on stopping. Because we all can use a little help somtimes, and because I was so lucky as a child to be offered the same assistance I hope to extend to someone else. 

So although I'm not able to be back in Collingwood, I want to do what I can, by fundraising this year for Move to Give. This year I want to beat my fundraising from last year, which was $1175. I am committing to an hour ride, and an hour yoga class on April 4th! 

Please help support the YMCA of Collingwood, by donating to my Move to Give! 

Thank you so much!


And for those of you haven't read it, or want to read it again, here is my Y story!

So here is my story, for those of you who haven't read it, or those who may just want to read it again.

When I was growing up, My mom was a single parent, working to make ends meet. It was just her, my sister, and I.
She worked her butt off to give us everything she possibly could.

But as for extracurriculars, we didn't have a lot of options. Dance was expensive, gymnastics was expensive, it was all just way too expensive.
So, we went to the Y.
The Y gave us a financially assisted membership.
I say we went to the Y, but I don't mean we went sometimes. I mean we LIVED at the Y. Every Saturday, all day. Every weeknight, ALL night. We were in camp, we were in swimming, we were in every program we possibly could be. We even used to watch movies in the Lifeguard Office (and by movies I mean, I can recite every word of Mrs. Doubtfire even now).
The Y also hired my mom. First as a volunteer, then as an instructor, a camp counsellor, then a co-ordinator. She kept on going.
My mom has been working at the Y for the past 20 years, and has been the center manager at the Welland, St. Catharines, and now the Grimsby Y.
My mom is amazing, and she is inspiring.

So, as soon as I turned 13, I started volunteering, I started in Leader Corps.
As soon as I turned 16, I was working at summer camp.
And that continued until the time I was 19, and then I made the move to YMCA Wanakita.
And I stayed there for a 4 seasons. It's where I met my husband.
(I even went back this year to put in a few weeks in this fall.)
And I spent the past year working at the Collingwood Y.


Because I believe in what we teach kids at camp.
I didn't only learn how to make bracelets, and fires. I learned how to make friends, I learned how to make decisions, I learned how to lead.

I believe in physical fitness for families, for kids.
I learned to play, I learned to canoe, I learned that I can try anything.
I learned I can truly do anything (even high ropes).

I believe in the values that the Y so strongly embodies.
I believe in respect, responsibility, caring, honesty, health and inclusiveness.
I believe in showing every single person I meet those values, and teaching them about them.

I believe in giving back to kids, families, and communities.
I believe in teaching kids how to lead, on how to challenge themselves, on how to make new friends.
BUT, most importantly, believe in giving back and showing the same love, care, and opportunity to kids like me.
I believe that everyone deserves the chance to experience what the Y has to offer, no matter what their financial situation is.

Now, there is a point to all of this.
And I'm going to ask a big favour of you.

On Saturday April 4, I'm participating in Move to Give at the Collingwood Y.
I will be participating with 70 other people, cycling for an hour and participating in yoga for an hour!
Every hour, there will be members, staff, and volunteers riding, participating in Aquafit, Cycle and Yoga classes.
We expect to have over 300 people participating in Move to Give!
I am asking you to sponsor me in my ride, and to donate to our Y.

The money you donate will go towards helping kids, and their families become members of the Y through financial assistance programs.
There is truly no donation too small, and every bit helps.

So click the link below to donate!
Thank you SO much.


Article from last years Collingwood Connection


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