Whether you're a first-timer or an experienced fundraiser, we’ll help you meet and exceed your goals. And we’ll reward you too! Why? Because we know it takes hard work and because your support is essential! Register for the Climb, set up your personal fundraising page, post your photo and videos, and tell your story. Then email your page link to your friends and family so they can donate and support your climb.

Fundraising made easy – click on the Fundraising Tips poster below for some inspiration! The more you raise, the more you can help give a more certain future to endangered and threatened species! Helping these species at risk gives hope that wildlife – and our planet – can be restored.

You can also download a pledge form to collect and keep track of your pledges.

Set a personal goal

Every registered climber has a fundraising minimum that they must raise ($75 for Public and Youth Group climbers and $150 for Team climbers), but this is just a start. Check out our fundraising rewards and keep these in mind as you work towards your goal. Think of fundraising as a part of the challenge of climbing the CN Tower!


What will your fundraising goal be?

Nervous? Rest assured, there are many ways to fundraise. People will be happy to support your efforts to both climb 1,776 steps AND help not only species at risk but also the place they call home, such as the rare white Spirit bear and its home in the vibrant Great Bear Rainforest!


Create your list of possible supporters and donors

Friends, family, teachers, co-workers, doctors, hairstylists, dentists, mechanics, or classmates. And don't forget everyone who has ever asked you to sponsor them for a charity before! Be creative. Everyone has a stake in protecting vulnerable species and protecting our planet! The easiest way to ask is through an email from your personal fundraising page.

When asking for pledges, mention that "my average pledge has been around $x. Can you sponsor me?" Or let them know that their donation can help support work on endangered species, from right whales and marine turtles to tigers!


Tell your sponsors how they will be helping

Use our Asking Made Easy poster to tell your possible supporters and donors why you’re climbing.

Visit our website to see some of the successes that WWF-Canada has been able to accomplish with help from our donors or send the link around to your possible supporters and donors!

Interested in more information about WWF-Canada financial stewardship plan? You can check out our Where the Money Goes infographic.


Take full advantage of WWF’s online fundraising page and materials

Sign up online and create your very own personal and group fundraising pages, we give you the tools to create your own page – it’s easier than you think!

Also, in the months and days leading up to the Climb, post links to WWF online resources like our experts' own blogs, Climb posters (available on the bottom of any page under the Resources section), environmental tips and other materials already available online from WWF.

Doing this will add variety to your posts and give you enough material for regular online activity and show potential donors how committed you really are. Best of all, you will definitely raise awareness for Canada’s wildlife and wild places as you raise funds!  


Pass the link around

Tweet Tweet!

Asking for donations in 140 characters or less is simple! Send tweets every few days asking your followers to support you in the Climb. Include a link to your fundraising page to make it easy for them and a short message telling everyone why you are climbing. Include updates on how your training is going, and recognize your donors by saying thank you.

Advertise for your climb on your social media sites like Facebook and Twitter (#CNTowerClimb). Text it to your friends too! Remember to post it to your site more than once so it will show up often in your friends' newsfeeds. Ask your friends to forward the link to their networks too.  


Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn

Most of us that use these networks spend a lot of our day (perhaps too much) checking our newsfeeds and updates to check-in and see what our friends are up to. Update your status weekly by sharing your fundraising page link and ask your friends to support you.


Ask with an e-mail

Open up that address book and ask away! You have a huge network of friends, family, or co-workers at your fingertips. Send a personalized email with a link to your fundraising page explaining why this is an important cause to you, and what their support means. Remind them that as a registered charity, they will receive a charitable tax receipt for donations $20 or more.


Another great tip is adding a link to your fundraising page in your email signature


Have some fun

Organize activities at work. Enlist your colleagues in a workplace fundraiser with ideas like “dress down day,” collect loose change for a month; or ask for donations for the coffee and tea that is usually free. Eating for the Environment: bake sales and lunch and learns can all be fun, sociable venues for raising funds that go towards a great cause.

Hold a dinner or theme party for your friends, and charge per plate. Tell them that all proceeds will be going both towards your fundraising goal and to help wildlife and the habitats they call home!


Company support

Many companies have matching gift programs. Ask your company to match the donations you have collected. This is a great way to double your sponsors' contributions while helping their company gain visibility as a result of their support for WWF. Double the contributions can make double the impact in providing safer and more sustainable environments for species at risk, like the gentle giant of the Arctic – the walrus!

Don't forget about your company e-bulletins or newsletters!! Ask your company to place an article about your participation. And of course, many companies are already fantastic supporters of the climb! Thank you!!



If you haven't received a response from someone you've asked for a donation from, you can send them a reminder email or follow-up with a phone call; let them know that they are helping endangered species recover - like right whales, tigers and rhinos – from the brink of extinction and building a future in which humans live in harmony with nature!

Keep posting your fundraising page and share updates on social media, this will help you engage with your friends and family and encourage them to donate to your climb.


Say thank-you to your donors

It is very important to thank your sponsors for supporting your climb. WWF will send you emails to let you know when people donate to your page. Follow-up with your donors and thank them in person or by sending them a thank you email. Share updates on social media thanking donors for their support in helping you reach your goal.

Remember, your supporters might also like to hear how things unfolded at the Climb and how much you raised in total. Make sure to send an email after the climb thanking them for their work in protecting key places in the Arctic in the face of rapid climate change


Don’t forget the deadline

Online fundraising will remain open until the end of May (May 30, 2015). However, to be eligible for the fundraising rewards, both your online and offline donations must be received by WWF before Friday, April 24th at 5:00pm or brought to the Climb on event day.


Helpful hints


Fundraising rewards!

WWF is happy to offer fundraising rewards for our climbers who fundraise above and beyond the minimum fundraising amount. Challenge yourself to raise as much money as you can to help ensure that fresh water keeps flowing. This allows marine species at risk in Canada, like Blanding’s turtles, to have a better chance of both surviving and thriving for years to come!

Check out our Fundraising FAQs for more great info.