Need ideas or tips on how to raise money for your Walk?


     Set a team or personal goal.
     Start an email campaign that includes your goal, why you are walking, how to donate online and how to register.
     Ask your friends who you have sponsored in the past, to return the favour and sponsor you now.
     Ask ten people for $20 and just like that you have made $200.
     Ask your company to sponsor you and form a corporate team.
     Walk in honour of someone you know or love who has lupus.
     Place announcement/memo in your employee break room, mail room, copy room etc…
     Tell everyone about the walk by leaving details on all your social media pages.
     Ask your mail carrier, delivery driver, teachers, neighbours, coaches and store clerks for a donation.
     Have a sigh-up sheet at your office or school.
     If you work in a large building, walk floor to floor dropping off your walk information – asking for donations.
     Always say THANK YOU. Send thank you emails, letters and phone calls.