Resources At Home

Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide

Eat healthier using Canada’s Food Guide. Learn about food groups, recommended serving sizes and options in choosing healthy foods. Be sure to check out the Food Guide Basics including information on what is a Food Guide Serving.

Heart Healthy Cooking Videos

Visit the Heart and Stroke Foundation of New Brunswick’s YouTube channel to try our heart healthy recipes.


The Cookspiration app, developed by Dietitians of Canada, provides recipe ideas to suit your mood and schedule. View online or download the free app on your phone.

Heart and Stroke: Get healthy/Healthy kids

Provides information on raising healthy kids with resources on nutrition and physical activity.

Bake it up! Tasty Treats for Healthier School Snacks

A handout providing healthier snacks and baked goods that your children are sure to love.

“Help! My kids won't eat enough vegetables and fruits” - Dietitians of Canada

An article written by the Dietitians of Canada that provides parents with information on how they can introduce fruits and vegetables into their child’s diet, as well as a few recipe ideas.

Raising Our Healthy Kids

Raising Our Healthy Kids is a series of short 60 – 90 second videos providing information to parents and care providers on healthy growth and development of children up to 12 years of age.

8 Active Apps for Children

Incorporate physical activity into screen time with active apps that get children moving or brings their screen time outdoors.

Parent Tips: Help Your Kids Reduce Screen Time and Move More

A document that allows parents to track their child’s screen time, set limits and goals about electronic device usage, and provides suggestions for fun activities instead of screen usage.

5 Ways to Reduce Screen Time

5 easy ways to help your child reduce screen time at home.

Build Your Best Day

Build Your Best Day is a fun, educational tool to teach children and youth (aged 5-17) about the Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines. Be sure to visit the “Resources for Parents” section to download fact sheets, activity pages, and the Best Play Date invitation.

10 Sneaky Ways to get your Kids Outside

This article written by ParticipACTION presents 10 sneaky ways to get your kids to spend more time outdoors.

Parental Support for Child Health: Screen Time

Parents play a major role in supporting health behaviours and providing children opportunities for healthy, active living. What will you do to reduce screen time?

Our Pack App

OurPact is much more than a parental control app. It’s the catch-all family locator and screen time management solution you’ve been waiting for.

Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines

Find the latest updates and resources for the Canadian Physical Activity and 24-Hour Movement guidelines. Children need to Move, Sleep and Sit the right amounts.

ParticipACTION 150 Play List

ParticipACTION is a national non-profit organization that promotes healthy living and physical fitness, the mission is to help Canadians sit less and move more. The 150 Play List is 150 activities for any age, ability or level of experience – follow the link to find out how to play, what equipment is needed, and suggested adaptations.

KidSport New Brunswick

KidSport provides support to children under the age of 18 in order to remove the financial barrier from playing organized sports.

New Brunswick Plays

NB Plays is an after-school initiative developed by Recreation New Brunswick and the Department of Healthy and Inclusive Communities. It promotes a blended approach to programming with the goal of healthy, holistic development.

Tourism New Brunswick

New Brunswick is easy to get to. Just jump in your car and choose your road trip adventure. From winding river routes to cultural corridors, beachy byways to tidal trails, your biggest decision will be where to explore next.

NB Trail

The New Brunswick Trails Council Inc. is a non-profit, membership/volunteer organization founded in 1994 that is dedicated to the advancement of the Greenway trails in New Brunswick.

2018 ParticipACTION Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth

Read the highlight report or the full report on physical activity for children and youth. Canadian children need active bodies to build their best brains.

Count Your Cubes

The Heart and Stroke Foundation created the Count your Cube Challenge to help you keep track of sugar consumption.

The Juicy Story on Drinks

Unlock Food, brought to you by the Dietitians of Canada, the Juicy Story on Drinks provides information on sugar sweetened beverages and healthy ways to satisfy your thirst.

Sugary Drink Sense

A fact sheet designed by the Dietitians of Canada provides parents with information on sugar sweetened beverages, as well as ways to reduce its consumption.

Protecting Our Children’s Health: Restricting Food and Beverage Marketing

This resource includes information and recommendations on restricting food and beverage marketing to children and youth – touching on schools’ and communities’ role in protecting children.

Sugar, Heart Disease and Stroke

The Heart and Stroke Foundation’s position statements on sugar, heart disease and stroke will help you create a school environment free of sugar.

Liquid Candy: Working Together to Reduce Consumption of Sugary Drinks

The Heart and Stroke Foundation’s position statement on sugary drinks will answer: why it is an issue and why it needs to be addressed. Recommendations on how to address this issue is also provided.

Facts on Fluids – How to Stay Hydrated

Unlock Food, brought to you by the Dietitians of Canada, Facts on Fluids gives advice on how much fluids you need to stay healthy and hydrated.