Fundraising Tools and Tips 





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                                    Five Easy Ways to Raise $150

  1. Ask five people that you feel the most confidence would donate to your cause for $30 each.
  2. Have a Garage Sale
  3. Offer to cook a meal or do a drawing for friends, family members, and colleagues if they make a donation
  4. Have a book sale.
  5. Ask friends on social media platforms to donate $10, then you just need 15 friends to donate  

                                     Seven Ways to Raise $500

  1. Ask three family members for $25
  2. Sponsor yourself for $25
  3. Ask 5 friends for $15
  4. Ask five co-workers to sponsor you for $10. (also ask your company if they match charitable donations)
  5. Email 15 contacts and ask for a $10 donation
  6. Ask two businesses you frequent for a $25 donation
  7. Ask your company for a $75 donation     

  More Ways to Raise Money...