Saturday, June 19th, 2021

8:00 am PDT | 11:00 am EDT Opening Ceremonies

8:15 am PDT | 11:15 am EDT Exercise Sessions

9:00 am PDT | 12:00 pm EDT Break and Announcements

9:10 am PDT | 12:10 pm EDT Exercise Sessions

10:00 am PDT | 1:00 pm EDT Closing Ceremonies

*This is a proposed schedule that is subject to change

Event Details

Cycle for Sight Virtual is for anyone and everyone who wants to get active to support vision research. Teams, families and individuals can participate in the following three ways:

1.     Join the Cycle for Sight Live Broadcast Indoor Program on June 19th.

We are planning a special two-hour Cycle for Sight Virtual program on Saturday, June 19th that is going to be challenging, rewarding and fun-tastic for all participants.

Special guests across Canada will be sharing inspirational words of encouragement to keep us moving through our cycling and fitness challenges.

The technology to participate in this memorable indoor program will be very simple, so that participants can easily switch between the three programs. All that is required is a computer or mobile phone and internet access.

At 10 am PDT | 11 am MDT | 1 pm EDT | 2:30 pm NDT the Cycle for Sight closing ceremonies will begin to bring everyone from coast-to-coast back together to celebrate what we have achieved physically, and more importantly, the impact our collective fundraising will make in our fight against vision loss.

2.     Choose your own route and cycle safely outdoors.

If you can cycle outdoors safely, then join the Cycle for Sight Club on Strava to build your route. Post your rides and be inspired by where other cyclists like to ride along similar routes. Be sure to upload photos, and give kudos to fellow riders who are training to Cycle for Sight.

Here are some helpful tips to ensure your ride is fun and safe:

  • Check out your province’s return to cycling guidelines during the pandemic and rules of the road
  • Turn on your bike lights so you are as visible as possible
  • Make sure your cell phone is fully charged
  • Bring full water bottles and some type of nutrition, i.e. your favourite gel or bar
  • And remember your sunscreen

Wear your Cycle for Sight jersey from a previous year if you’ve got one, and post a pic of your ride on Facebook or Instagram using hashtag #CycleforSight. We'd all love to see your ride this year, and you could win a Spirit Award!

3.     Choose an athletic pursuit of your choice!

Cycle for Sight is for anyone, even if you don’t have access to a bike this year. You can set a different fitness goal, how ever you would like to move and get active this spring. Run, walk, climb stairs, jump rope, sit ups, dance, yoga, Zumba are just a few ideas.


Can I Cycle for Sight on a different day?

Yes you can! If you are not able to Cycle for Sight with us on June 19th, then you can complete your route or personal challenge on any day prior to June 19th. Some of our participants have already begun their Cycle for Sight challenge by tracking their mileage on-going from now until June 19th.

Should I track my mileage?

Whether you are cycling or have chosen a different way to move, you do not need to track your mileage. You can just participate in the event day program, or cycle outdoors on the route of your choice, or have a family dance or Zumba party.

If you’d like to set a mileage goal (like 1,000 kms), or a specific fitness goal (like 10,000 sit-ups), then definitely go for it! You can begin personally tracking your mileage anytime between now and event day on Saturday, June 19th. You can provide updates to your supporters on your Cycle for Sight online participant page.

How can I track my mileage?

If you decide to track your mileage, you can join the Cycle for Sight Club on Strava or your own personal fitness tracker.

Do I have to sign up for Strava to participate?

No, you do not have to sign up for Strava, or have access to any fitness tracking apps to participate. The only thing required to participate in the Cycle for Sight Virtual program on event day is access to the internet on a computer, tablet or phone. The technology will be very simple!