Our spokespersons

Maxime, Chloé and Justine Dufour-Lapointe, our spokespersons for the Sainte-Justine Private Schools Youth Challenge, hardly need an introduction. As accomplished skiers and winners of several world titles, these Olympic darlings have conquered the world with their athletic prowess, their drive and energy, and their incredible charisma!

It goes without saying that their chosen sport, freestyle skiing, comes with a number of risks, and unfortunately, traumatic injuries that occur during training or in competitions are part of the game... which is why the sisters take the Sainte-Justine Private Schools Youth Challenge very much to heart. Besides, two of the sisters attended private schools in the Montreal area, and all three were born at Sainte-Justine!

They were clearly meant to be our spokespersons!

Support the 3SDL initiative

« We believe in Sainte-Justine’s expertise and ability to save more and more lives. We are convinced that today’s youth can make their mark in support of children who suffer from traumatic injuries. Take the lead and join us! » 

- Maxime, Chloé and Justine Dufour-Lapointe