$150,000 Goal
98% of Goal
$146,764 Raised

A cancer diagnosis is not only physically and emotionally devastating, but financially devastating as well. People with cancer are three times more likely to file for bankruptcy as a result.

The Cycle Against Cancer is an indoor cycling “spinning” fundraiser that raises money to support Connecticut Cancer Foundation’s CT Cancer Patient Assistance program, which has provided over $5 million in financial aid to Connecticut cancer patients and their families since 1987.
of the money raised at the Cycle Against Cancer provides financial assistance to cancer patients in Connecticut through our CT Cancer Patient Assistance Program.

has been raised in the Cycle Against Cancer since 2007 to help Connecticut cancer patients pay their bills while they go through treatment.
Connecticut cancer patients and their families have received financial assistance as a result of the money raised at the Cycle Against Cancer.

Top Fundraisers

Terry Chin$170.00
Peter Pan$155.00
Oranj Yeknow$100.00
David Roose$85.00
Goldie Hawk$75.00

Top Teams

Team FS$655.00
Team Gold$75.00

Top Fundraisers

Neil Payne$4,200.00
Robert Goodwin$3,600.00
Marc Shafer$3,375.00
Fitor Mamudi$2,500.00
Ruthanne D. Rothman$2,330.00
Jillian Evans-Ziegler$2,325.00
Suzie Murtishi$2,275.00
Phil Dent$2,050.00
Maureen O'Keeffe$1,550.00