About Us

Formerly known as the CT Sports Foundation, the CT Cancer Foundation is a non-profit IRS 501(C) (3) corporation chartered by the State of Connecticut whose mission is to financially assist cancer patients and their families and fund cancer research.

CCF has been operating for 30 years under the guidance of Jane G. Ellis, the Executive Director. CCF is overseen by a 15-member, volunteer Board of Directors and a 10-member, volunteer Advisory Board of Directors.

John Ellis, a former catcher for the New York Yankees, Cleveland Indians, and Texas Rangers, established CCF in 1987.  John’s life was touched by cancer in several ways: He lost a sister, a brother, and a sister-in-law to cancer, all before they reached the age of 40. Then, John himself was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease, also prior to the age of 40. Fortunately, John survived and CCF was born.

Since its inception, CCF has provided financial assistance to Connecticut families stricken with cancer, for rent, mortgage, utilities, car payments, medical co-pays, food, medications, gasoline and transportation to and from hospital/treatment centers. This financial assistance program is called the CCF Grant Recipient Program. The majority of Connecticut families requesting assistance are referred to CCF by oncology social workers from Connecticut hospitals, cancer treatment centers, and hospices, where applicants are thoroughly screened for program eligibility by healthcare professionals.

Our goal is to continue assisting as many Connecticut cancer patients as possible, and never have to turn anyone away.

The CT Cancer Foundation is rated a four-star charity on Charity Navigator and has achieved the Platinum level of transparency from Guidestar.