Frequently Asked Questions


Yay!  We are glad that you are interested in participating in the Cycle Against Cancer – this event will help provide financial assistance to hundreds of cancer patients throughout Connecticut.  Here are some frequently asked questions!

How do I sign up?  Please visit Once you are there, you can select the location where you would like to participate and then register to form a team or join one. 

Is there a registration fee?  Registration is FREE!   

What happens after I register?  Once you register, you will receive a personal fundraising page that you can edit and send out to your friends.  We recommend that you personalize it - let people know why you are spinning!

How much do I need to raise?  We ask every team to raise at least $1,000 to participate. You can have up to eight people on your team – most teams raise an average of $2,000! You will be amazed at how many people support you – everyone has been affected by cancer, so they are happy to donate. All you have to do is ask!

Can I ride with my team?  Sure – it depends on how much you raise!  For each $1,000 your team raises, you will earn one bike for four hours.  If you raise $2,000, your team will have two bikes for four hours, and so on.  It is a great goal for teams to set – we routinely have teams that want to ride together, so they raise enough money and have a great time spinning together. We do it this way because it is the best way to raise the most money to help cancer patients. 

Can I register as an individual? Sure! However, if you register as an individual, you will still be asked to raise $1,000.

How do I fundraise?  Once you have registered, you will receive fundraising tips from Terri Eickel, CCF’s Director of Development & Special Events. Fundraising can seem a little intimidating, so just remember that you are asking because you want to help cancer patients – and that every dollar makes a difference!

How do I know when I am spinning?  A few days before the event, CCF will send out the bike assignments to the team captains, who will schedule you for your spinning time. 

Where does the money go?  100 % of the money you raised will be used to help Connecticut cancer patients and their families pay everyday living expenses through our CT Cancer Patient Assistance Program. The more you raise, the more we have to give away to cancer patients in Connecticut!

More questions?  Just e-mail Terri at  Thank you!