$500,000 Goal
70% of Goal
$350,701 Raised

At ADL’s Walk Against Hate, our differences bring us together.

That’s because, each year, thousands of people from across the region join the Walk Against Hate to celebrate diversity and challenge bigotry. People of all backgrounds and beliefs march arm-in-arm in support of equality and inclusion in the Philadelphia region. In a time when prejudice and injustice seem all too prevalent, the Walk Against Hate stands out as an inspiring opportunity for people to build a more welcoming and respectful world.
of the money raised at the Walk Against Hate goes to educating for equality, protecting against extremism, and advocating for a better world.

has been raised by the Walk Against Hate since 2010, all helping to advance the ADL’s mission to secure justice and fair treatment to all.
Over 10,000
people have joined us locally since the Walk Against Hate’s inception – dedicating themselves to supporting diversity and inclusion in Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, and Delaware.

Top Fundraisers

front stream$10,000.00
frontstream test$2,000.00
Ed Blumenthal$500.00
Team Green$500.00

Top Teams

FrontStream Test$300,000.00
frontstream test$2,000.00
Team Green$500.00
Janney- Journey 4 Ernie$500.00

Top Fundraisers

Team Green$10,950.00
Alan Gubernick$10,437.00
Ed Blumenthal$8,402.00
Daniel Gummel$3,366.00
Colin Stern$2,580.00
Eisenberg Rothweiler  donated  $500.00        Eric Bernstein  donated  $500.00        Nick Milligan  donated  $500.00        Rob Orsher  donated  $500.00        emily jauregui  donated  $250.00        Mike Parry  donated  $250.00        Eli Glick  donated  $200.00        Jay Seid  donated  $200.00        Jenn Vogel  donated  $200.00        John Cweiber  donated  $200.00        Marjorie Stein  donated  $200.00        Stephen and Carol Goldman  donated  $200.00        Friend of ADL  donated  $180.00        Jeffrey Schwartz  donated  $180.00        Lindastuart Berkson  donated  $180.00        Beth & Michael Liss  donated  $150.00        Bonnie and Richard Fertel  donated  $118.00        Christopher Bozman  donated  $100.00        Dick Johnson  donated  $100.00        Dmitry Goldenberg  donated  $100.00        Douglas Stanger  donated  $100.00        Eden Kratchman  donated  $100.00        Eileen and Bernie Brown  donated  $100.00        Frank Romanoski  donated  $100.00        Howard Waldman  donated  $100.00        Jeffrey Gerson  donated  $100.00        Jill Fertel  donated  $100.00        Philip Warmflash  donated  $100.00        Randall Braunfeld  donated  $100.00        Sam Baumstein  donated  $100.00        Selene Persaud-Tyrrell  donated  $100.00        Steve Carp  donated  $100.00        Susan Eagar  donated  $100.00        louis pichini  donated  $75.00        Friend of ADL  donated  $60.00        Anne Blackburn  donated  $50.00        Eric Stein  donated  $50.00        Jennie Thomas  donated  $50.00        Karlyn Wright  donated  $50.00        Kathryn H Kelly  donated  $50.00        Katie Block  donated  $50.00        Kenneth Babicki  donated  $50.00        Liza Tresser  donated  $50.00        Lonn Selbst  donated  $50.00        Mary Beth LaBelle  donated  $50.00        Pamela Fertel weinstein  donated  $50.00        USHA KASTURIRANGAN  donated  $50.00        Vicki Clark-Kadish  donated  $50.00        Kris W  donated  $40.00        Michele Beachy  donated  $40.00        Cathy Faatz  donated  $25.00        Ed Cunningham  donated  $25.00        Friend of ADL  donated  $25.00        Jawara Hardimon  donated  $25.00        Jayda Love  donated  $25.00        Jo Ann Mather  donated  $25.00        Lynn Smilow  donated  $25.00        Marcus Allen  donated  $25.00        Mary Ellen and Bill Hopson  donated  $25.00        Michael Furey  donated  $25.00        Patricia Lombardo  donated  $25.00        Sanford Bender  donated  $25.00        Colin DeVault  donated  $20.00        Rosaleen Gnoffo  donated  $20.00        Alison Brody  donated  $18.00        Jared Pashko  donated  $18.00        Dom Nixon  donated  $10.00        Janice Bracey  donated  $10.00        Janice Bracey  donated  $10.00        Mary Farrell  donated  $10.00        Dom Nixon  donated  $5.00        Friend of ADL  donated  $5.00        Amy Blake  donated an undisclosed amount         Asen Trambev  donated an undisclosed amount         Beverly Emanuel  donated an undisclosed amount         David Caputo  donated an undisclosed amount         Faden Family  donated an undisclosed amount         Friend of ADL  donated an undisclosed amount         Friend of ADL  donated an undisclosed amount         Friend of ADL  donated an undisclosed amount         Friend of ADL  donated an undisclosed amount         Friend of ADL  donated an undisclosed amount         Friend of ADL  donated an undisclosed amount         Friend of ADL  donated an undisclosed amount         Friend of ADL  donated an undisclosed amount         Gail & Samuel Goldstein  donated an undisclosed amount         Leonard Cimini  donated an undisclosed amount         Louise Frebowitz  donated an undisclosed amount         Matt Schreiber  donated an undisclosed amount         Myrna Sunshine  donated an undisclosed amount         Nana Asante  donated an undisclosed amount         neal dingmann  donated an undisclosed amount         Pam Schick  donated an undisclosed amount         Raphael Heflin  donated an undisclosed amount         Sam Weinstock  donated an undisclosed amount         Sharon Dortort  donated an undisclosed amount         Stacey Grose  donated an undisclosed amount         Steve Hendrick  donated an undisclosed amount         Tara Gordon  donated an undisclosed amount         Tobie Schupack  donated an undisclosed amount