Why We Walk

We Defend Civil Rights.

ADL passionately protects free speech, religious freedom and other inalienable rights. We consistently challenge the assault on respect for diversity.

We Combat Anti-Semitism.

Nearly 1,300 anti-Semitic incidents occurred in the U.S. in the first half of 2017. For more than a century, ADL has exposed anti-Semitism and anti-Israel bias, spoken out against it, and mobilized people to help us fight it.

We Teach Students to Fight Bias.

Working with schools to provide training and timely resources for students, teachers and parents, ADL has reached over 65 million people with education programs that fight bias and bullying, and build respect for diversity.

We Train Law Enforcement.

ADL trains more than 15,000 law enforcement officials a year to protect their communities against hate crimes, extremism and terrorism, and to strengthen their relationships with the communities they serve. Every major U.S. metropolitan police department has participated in ADL training.

We Fight Extremism.

By training law enforcement on tactics and trends and assisting with countless investigations, the experts at ADL’s Center on Extremism help detect and disrupt emerging threats.

We Counter Cyberhate.

Our Center on Technology & Society in Silicon Valley works closely with leaders in the industry to confront online hate, educate about its dangers, and create tools to deter it.

We Empower the Vulnerable Through Hate Crimes Legislation.

Over 30 years ago, ADL wrote a model hate crimes law. Today, 45 states and the District of Columbia have laws based on or similar to our model. And we spearheaded passage of the federal law as well.

We Confront Discrimination and Secure Justice.

We advocate for education equity, reproductive freedom and equal pay for women; defend LGBTQ and voting rights, and take a stand against discriminatory policies such as racial profiling and mass incarceration.

We Work Tirelessly for Immigrants and Refugees.

ADL filed over a dozen amicus briefs this year challenging recent anti-immigrant policies, including the Muslim ban. We continue to urge Congress to pass The DREAM Act to replace DACA.

We Are Nearby.

Our 26 Regional Offices are in cities across the country, working with local communities and state officials to make this a more just, safe and inclusive world.