Fundraising Tips

Register as a team captain. 

Your team can be any size! From a couple of neighborhood friends to dozens of co-workers – every team formed is critical in the fight against hate.

Set a team fundraising goal.

Having something to work towards means your team will have an achievement to celebrate on June 3rd!

Consider making a personal donation.

By setting an example, you are letting your supporters know that this cause, and this Walk, are important to you.

Recruit walkers.

Think about who would join you as you walk for equality and justice

Kick-off your team-building with a personal note - let everyone know why you are walking!

Everyone has their own reason for standing up to discrimination. What’s yours?

Post on social media about why YOU Walk Against Hate. Don’t forget to use #WalkAgainstHate

Customize your personal page – Walkers with personalized pages raise over 8x more than those who don’t!

Ask your network to consider supporting your campaign.

Don’t be afraid to try different ways of asking. It takes an average of 3-5 asks for someone to donate, and some people respond better to texts, e-mails, phone calls, in-person requests. See what works!

Thank your donors.

All it takes is a mention on Facebook, an appreciative text, or a shoutout amongst  friends to let your donors know how much you value their support.

Remember - Registration fees fund the Walk Against Hate, while additional donations allow ADL continue our fight against bigotry and hatred.  In 2017 alone, with your support: