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$100,000 Goal
73% of Goal
$73,129 Raised

Jewish World Watch presents the 12th Annual Los Angeles
Walk to End Genocide

Walk to End Genocide is a community event that brings together advocates of all ages and backgrounds in one united voice to say: “we will not stand idly by while genocide and mass atrocities occur.” 

The Walk educates and mobilizes the community to act on behalf of ending genocide worldwide, and fundraises to support our efforts to educate, advocate, and support programs on the ground benefitting conflict-affected communities in South Sudan, Syria, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, as well as the Darfuri forced to flee from Sudan and the Rohingya who have fled Burma (Myanmar).

NEW FOR THIS YEAR: Fundraiser Rewards!

Sunday April 22, 2018
9 am - noon

Pan Pacific Park
7600 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Join us!

By participating and fundraising, you help bring life-changing impact to
survivors of genocide and mass atrocities in conflict-affected areas.

Top Fundraisers

Diane Kabat$1,607.00
Susan Bronstein$1,238.00
Talya Weissman$1,018.00
Mikayla Weissman$1,000.00
janice reznik$1,000.00
Catherine Penso$707.00
Karen Getelman$700.00
Judy Kandel$682.00
Eileen Krause$650.00
Amy Cecil$645.00
Craig Platt  donated  $1,000.00        Craig Platt  donated  $1,000.00        Mark Cantor  donated  $250.00        Harvey Myman  donated  $100.00        Lynne Lainer  donated  $100.00        Michael Hakimi  donated  $100.00        Jennifer Berman  donated  $75.00        Jennifer Berman  donated  $75.00        Vivian gold  donated  $64.00        Bobbi Main-Jackson  donated  $50.00        Curt Biren  donated  $50.00        Curt Biren  donated  $50.00        Helene Kimmel  donated  $50.00        SHARON LERNER  donated  $50.00        Sigal Shekarchi  donated  $50.00        Tevelle Bitton  donated  $50.00        Annette Mann  donated  $36.00        deborah cohen  donated  $36.00        Donald Mink  donated  $36.00        Janet Halbert  donated  $36.00        Shani Noudel  donated  $36.00        Arianna Kricun  donated  $28.00        ARIEL ZADEH  donated  $28.00        Chloe Berenson  donated  $28.00        Cindy Levey  donated  $28.00        Danielle Simon  donated  $28.00        Dava Braman  donated  $28.00        David Oplatka  donated  $28.00        Dorrit Corwin  donated  $28.00        Elianna Sokoler  donated  $28.00        Elizabeth Kushner-Stubbs  donated  $28.00        Ella Harrington  donated  $28.00        Estee Borok  donated  $28.00        Evan Dori  donated  $28.00        Gregory Oplatka  donated  $28.00        Hanna Harrell  donated  $28.00        Hannah Hebert  donated  $28.00        Hayley Gordon  donated  $28.00        Jacob Faith  donated  $28.00        Jessica Bazel  donated  $28.00        Joe Meyer  donated  $28.00        Joey Herman  donated  $28.00        Julie Goldklang  donated  $28.00        Justin Yassinger  donated  $28.00        Lauren Davidson  donated  $28.00        Madeline Stearns  donated  $28.00        Maia Kirkpatrick  donated  $28.00        Micah Van Pelt  donated  $28.00        Noa Rottman  donated  $28.00        Rachel Gabai  donated  $28.00        Solomon Jussim  donated  $28.00        Téa Maltzman  donated  $28.00        Tommy Graves  donated  $28.00        Tommy Hofheimer  donated  $28.00        Wyatt Carmichael  donated  $28.00        Yehuda Holender  donated  $28.00        Joan Allen  donated  $25.00        Joanne McBirney  donated  $25.00        Karen Goldberg  donated  $25.00        Leah Kitz  donated  $25.00        Michael Leventhal  donated  $25.00        Miriam Stein  donated  $25.00        Nicki Mcbreen  donated  $25.00        Robbi Shulman  donated  $25.00        Amanda Krausz  donated  $22.00        Elham Makabi  donated  $20.00        Avital Dumontet  donated  $18.00        Brett Nelson  donated  $18.00        Caylen Nikoloff  donated  $18.00        Daniel Dumontet  donated  $18.00        David Dumontet  donated  $18.00        Dena Kelman  donated  $18.00        Hadar Harrington  donated  $18.00        Jack Stearns  donated  $18.00        Liah Yadegar  donated  $18.00        Marc Bauer  donated  $18.00        Micah Jussim  donated  $18.00        Samantha Shapiro  donated  $18.00        Yael Kelman  donated  $18.00        Zachary Faith  donated  $18.00        Brett Barenholtz  donated  $14.00        Ally Fion  donated  $10.00        Duke Doyle  donated  $10.00        Alexy Yeghikian  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Bubby Susan Weiss  donated an undisclosed amount         David Sadava  donated an undisclosed amount         Karol & Joel Blumenthal  donated an undisclosed amount         Rachel Simon  donated an undisclosed amount         Ruth Garbis  donated an undisclosed amount         Scott Gillies  donated an undisclosed amount         Sharon Noel  donated an undisclosed amount         Susan Auerbach  donated an undisclosed amount         Susie Fishman  donated an undisclosed amount         Zachary Maltzman  donated an undisclosed amount        
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The Walk to End Genocide helps to raise awareness of ongoing atrocities in Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Burma/Myanmar, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Funds raised from the Walk allow JWW to continue its work to educate, advocate, and support projects in conflict-affected communities.

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