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Cycle Against Cancer….Please read and share

What exactly is this program?

The Cycle Against Cancer is raising money to help CT cancer patients pay basic living expenses such as rent, mortgage, and utilities.  Since 2009, The Cycle Against Cancer has provided over $850,000 in financial aid to over 1,500 Connecticut families fighting cancer.

100% of the monies collected go directly to help families in CT who need some financial assistance to help them through a very stressful time.  When you are battling cancer, one of the terrifying things that accompany the disease is the amount of money you spend outside of your medical expenses.  Every year, a child from CT suffering from cancer becomes the “face” of the event.  It is amazing to live in a state that has such a charity.  It is estimated that when you are a family member are diagnosed with cancer your financial burden will be approximately $100k.

Why am I passionately involved?

I know personally that cancer can strike anyone - at any time.  Unfortunately, Feb 14, 2014; I was told that I had Stage 3 cancer.  I always had mammograms, ate organic, and worked out regularly.  However, one day I went to meet with my breast surgeon who was going to remove what I had been told was a sebaceous cyst only to find out that my lymph nodes looked abnormal.  One day life is normal - the next day you are booked at the hospital for tests you never heard of. Biopsies come back with positive results in the “cyst” tumor, lymph nodes and even your skin.  Life changes in a blink of an eye.

Sure - you have 15 minutes or so of why me?  But then you think..why not me?  Children get cancer…at least it is not ALS..and so the journey begins…..

Luckily we have Dana Farber, a top cancer center, in our backyard.  So you move there to be a few miles from the hospital and start 8 months of chemo, followed by a mastectomy, radiation that makes your skin look like a burn victim, go through an 8 hour DIEP flap reconstruction where they move veins and arteries and you recover in ICU, nipple tattooing and laser for scars, then a back surgery caused by trauma from the treatment.  All the while, the bills keep coming.  Luckily, I had $100k that I saved in my 401k.  At the end of the journey - Feb 2, 2017 - you are left with 20 lbs of added weight from steroids to take off and so very thankful you survived.

And you are humbled ….

*  However, as you go through this ordeal, you are humbled….every day, I would see patients that made you grateful.

*  a mom wheeling her small daughter in a wheelchair who had her leg amputated and you are in awe as the child laughs as her mom and her share a joke

*  another mom walking out of the IV room where you go to have an IV placed before chemo….her son - a tall handsome approximately 16 year old who has bandages covering his head

*  waiting for your IV - glad that chemo is almost over and speaking to a woman next to you that is on chemo for the rest of her life - just to survive.

*  seeing a young teenage girl obviously near the end of her life being wheeled by a nurse to a deck for some sunshine with her grief-stricken parents faces behind her…and you notice the young teenage girl trying to muster up courage and smiles for her parents - feeling more for them than herself.

*  Going to the cafeteria and speaking to a young mom of a 4-month baby and her older 2-year-old and finding that her cancer returned.  She is on trial drugs, being as upbeat as possible and praying hard for a miracle.

*  Having your last chemo treatment and being very excited until a woman just a bit older than you is wheeled next to you.  The curtain was drawn - hearing the social worker speak to her and her husband that her cancer returned and has spread through her bones.  Hearing the deep sobs….

*  Having your radiation doctor look to you with such compassion and sorrow in his eyes when your skin is burnt so bad..yet they need to give you radiation again…just to be sure…

And you are GRATEFUL …and THANKFUL…and say - what can I do to help?????  I am not doing nearly enough!!!!  Raising this money is personal and we all think - that will not happen to me…  But it can - and it might - and hopefully, it will not.

In memory of….

I do this to help other families but also in memory of those I have lost to cancer - these are just a few people who battled and unfortuantely did not make it...

*  my sister-in-law who died at 39 years of age from leukemia - after being diagnosed 5 years earlier when she gave birth to her beautiful son

*  my mom and mother-in-law

*  a past co-worker who had a young daughter pass in her arms from Ewings Sarcoma

*  a wonderful woman in her 40s who went home one day from work thinking she might have Lyme- she didn’t feel good - only to pass a few months later from Soft Tissue Sarcoma - just this past year

*  a great friend who lost her beloved sister from cancer in her 40s who came to Boston to visit with many other friends along with the owners of Iron House fitness and many, many more

Please be involved…we can all HELP

We are ALL in this together - collectively….I am attaching some photos that I never shared so you can see how cancer affects you.  You start off strong and then…… at the end of chemo you can hardly walk and breath so a pulmonologist has to walk alongside you.  You feel lucky and grateful that you were strong enough to take on the strongest dose of chemo to fight cancer.

I sincerely hope everyone who reads this never gets struck with cancer but I am so incredibly grateful that there is such an organization as who run the Cycle Against Cancer every year…

Even if you only have $10 to donate..please do..  It is important and goes to a great cause…all monies go directly to help families in need.

Please donate here.....Every dollar goes directly to help a family who is struggling with this dreadful disease..

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Mar 10, 2018 8:00 AM
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Iron House Fitness, Old Saybrook, CT

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