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Jewish World Watch educates and mobilizies individuals and communities to rise up against genocide, mass atrocities and acts of inhumanity worldwide. We advocate for actions directed at conflict prevention and fund on-the-ground projects to support those affected by conflict, primarily in the areas of Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Burma/Myanmar, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Why We Walk

People ask us why we Walk. We walk to make the post-Holocaust promise of "Never Again" a reality.

We Walk because genocide and mass atrocities are not history but current events affecting people in places like Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Burma/Myanmar, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

We Walk because there are currently more than 65 Million people who have been driven from their homes, fleeing for their lives and to escape the scourge of genocide and mass atrocties.

We Walk to show our elected officials that there are thousands of people who care about genocide and mass atrocities and we want our government to take action.

We Walk to educate our communities and to advocate for better lives for families touched by genocide and mass atrocities.

We Walk to raise funds to support our life-changing relief projects in Sudan, Syria, Chad, Congo, Uganda and Bangladesh.

We Walk because we cannot remain silent.

Most of all, we walk for people, people who we will likely never meet, people like us. They have families, hopes and dreams. They are struggling to feed themselves, raise children, and find jobs to support themselves. Unlike most of us, many have survived attempts on their lives, killings of family members, loss of homes, lack of food and worse.

We Walk because we can and because we must.  Now, more than ever.  Please join us!