About CompassCare


CompassCare is a Christ-centered organization dedicated to erasing the need for abortion by transforming women’s fear into confidence.



On July 1st, 1970 New York became the first state to legalize abortion. On July 2nd, the very next day, the Rochester/Syracuse region became home to the first free standing abortion clinic in the nation.

CompassCare, first named ‘Citizens for Public Morality,’ was founded in 1980 out of the hearts of several people in a Bible Study. The first office was opened by volunteers in Rochester’s 19th ward. As the organization began to focus more on the abortion issue, the name was changed to ‘Crisis Pregnancy Center.’

As the culture changed to more of a postmodern one, where women no longer made decisions based on facts but rather experiences and relationship; CompassCare recognized it had to adapt in order to remain relevant and effective. In 2002, CompassCare became the first pregnancy center in NY to implement a medical model of service. At that point the name was changed again to ‘CompassCare Pregnancy Services’ in order to reflect this new model of operation. Since the launch of medical services, CompassCare has become the national leader on effectively reaching and serving women at-risk for abortion.


Local Strategy for Erasing the Need:

  • STD Testing & Treatment Platform
  • Pregnancy Platform
  • Abortion Pill Reversal Platform

It costs CompassCare $350 to offer transformational services to 1 woman from her initial appointment through a 12 month follow-up.



CompassCare's services work! 96% of pregnancy patients at-risk for an abortion; 60-65% choosing to carry to term after receiving the services CompassCare provides; and abortion is at an all-time low in Monroe County.