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Jewish World Watch (JWW) has a dream – we dream of a world that does not stand idly by while civilian populations are being attacked simply because of who they are; a world without genocide and mass atrocities. We dream of a well-informed community willing and ready to take action and capable of being advocates for change. 

The survivors of genocide and mass atrocities also dream of a better life with sufficient food, with schools for their children and a stable life in a community which is not riven with strife and danger – a life without violence.  For the Darfuri genocide survivors in Chadian camps, the Congolese women trying to rebuild a life after rape, the Syrian refugees desperately seeking asylum, a life without violence is almost an impossible dream.

The world needs its dreamers because dreams become realities and if we cannot see it, we cannot make it so. This is part of the reason why JWW continues, year after year, to Walk to End Genocide.  Like the walkers for alzheimers or lupus, we, too, are looking for a cure for one of the greatest of all ills – the intentional destruction of lives from greed, prejudice and xenophobia.  Unlike a physical disease, however, genocide and mass atrocities can be “cured” only by education and advocacy leading to change. 

On March 31st, at Pan Pacific Park, JWW staff and thousands of others will Walk to show our community, our elected officials and our friends and families that we will not stand idly by, that we will work for change, and that dreams can come true.