Organizers’ FAQ

About Cours pour le Coeur

1. What is the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation?

The Montreal Heart Institute Foundation (MIHF) is a leader in the fight against cardiovascular disease, the primary cause of death worldwide. The Foundation collects and manages funds to support the Institute’s groundbreaking and top-priority projects. Since its creation in 1977, the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation has remitted more than $309 million to the Institute.

2. What is the Cours pour le Coeur program?

Cours pour le Coeur is a win-win event for everyone involved, allowing you to boost the number of participants in your race by giving them a chance to outgo themselves! Cours pour le Coeur will reimburse participants registered for your event for the cost of their registration fees.

In exchange, participants in your event agree to take the challenge to the next level by raising funds for the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation.

When you promote the Cours pour le Coeur program with your registered or prospective participants, you will:

  • Maximize your chances of achieving full participation in your event
  • Be added to our list of partner races
  • Give runners a sense of pride in working for a good cause
  • Delight runners by helping them get reimbursed for their registration fees
  • Show participants that you are concerned with heart health
  • Help fight cardiovascular disease, the world’s leading cause of death

3. How can I register my race for the Cours pour le Coeur program?

To become a partner, please contact Sarah Frémont at the Foundation, at 514-376-3330, ext. 4078 to learn how to take advantage of the program.

4. How can I promote the Cours pour le Coeur program?

  • Add information to your website.
  • Share your pride in teaming up with the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation through your newsletter.
  • Share the good news on social media.
  • Give participants an opportunity to donate to the Foundation in your registration form.
  • Promote your race as a Foundation partner event or add information about the Foundation to your registration form.
Please contact Sarah Frémont at the Foundation, at at 514-376-3330, ext. 4078 for further information about the resources we offer.

5. How do I get reimbursed for my registration fees?

For participants who raise at least $250 or more for Cours pour le Coeur:
  • We will reimburse their registration fees (excluding taxes and administrative charges).
  • They will receive their reimbursement cheque and a gift from the Foundation during one of the two repayment periods, either in July or November.