Volunteer and help send kids to summer camp!

So you want to volunteer at Toronto’s coolest waterfront event? Volunteering with Canoe Heads for Kids is a great way to give back to the camping community and help send more kids to summer camp! Our volunteers give kids the gift of summer camp by contributing their time and skills to this powerful fundraising event. If you are interested in volunteering with us, take a few moments to fill out our volunteer form and send it to volunteers@amicicharity.org

We are seeking energetic, enthusiastic volunteers to help us in the following areas of Amici’s Canoe Heads for Kids. 






Unsure of your interests and availability? We can work with you to find your best fit within the Volunteer roles for the event.

If you are interested in sharing the gift of summer camp through volunteering please email volunteers@amicicharity.org with the following information below:

Full Name:
Email address:
Phone number:
Camp Affiliation:
Interest Area:
- Food
- Boats
- Social Media
- Steering Committee
- Route Marshals
- Wherever I’m needed the most!
- Other: (Please specify)

Interested in volunteering with us? take a few moments to fill out our volunteer form and send it to volunteers@amicicharity.org
Have questions? Check out our FAQ’s, contact us at volunteers@amicicharity.org or call the Amici office at 416-588-8026. 

Thank you for your interest! Without the dedication and commitment of our volunteers, Amici’s Canoe Heads for Kids would not be possible.