Team Strategies


Form a Walk Team – Create a Team Web Page (be sure to tell your story about why you are walking) and set a goal.

Ask everyone you know if they would like to join your team- family members, friends, co-workers and neighbors. Contact them by email or social media and give them the link to your Team Web Page. Encourage them to create their own fundraising page to raise funds.

Please keep in mind, the Walk for Lupus Ontario 2021 will be taking place virtually to adhere to Public Health guidelines. We encourage to advertise and fundraise by utilizing virtual means and when permitted, take to the physical space.

Where you work:

    Ask your company to sponsor your team. Challenge another office or branch.
    Ask your company if they will match the money raised.
    If someone in your office or their family member has lupus, walk in their honour.
    Place posters in employee break room, mailroom, copy room etc.
    After the walk have a team photo placed in the company newsletter.
    Have a fundraiser at work so those who can’t walk can participate (i.e. raffle, dress down day).
    Get incentives for the employees to raise more money.
    Send an email and do an online registration challenge.

Encourage team members to contact family, friends, business associates, and anyone they see in the course of their day to make a donation. Tell everyone about the Walk either by email or letter campaign.

Post frequently on social media to remind everyone. Ask them to share the links on their sites even if they are not participating in the Walk.

START NOW!! Be creative and share your successes with everyone.