Cycle the WAVE is not scheduled for 2019

Thank you for your interest in Cycle the WAVE and The WAVE Foundation!

To keep updated on the latest with The WAVE Foundation and Cycle the WAVE please contact us at or visit us at 
- The future of Cycle the WAVE is unclear but we do know that for 11 years we have been hosting this event that has served many in our community and beyond. 

- We at The WAVE Foundation are very proud of our work through Cycle the WAVE.  We want to thank our many supporters who donated, rode, walked, and volunteered their time for this important work. Together we made a difference in many lives.  For years we supported the Domestic Violence agencies doing the important work of helping survivors and the past 2 years we were able to have an impact through our "Discover Your Power" programming doing prevention and education outreach to College, High School, Middle School and Elementary age students.