2018 ROUTES • Check In & Departures Times

70 Mile route • MIGHTY SISTER • Green Arrows • Registration & Check-In 6:30am • Depart 7:00am 

47 Mile Route • FIERCE SISTER • Orange Arrows • Registration & Check-In 7:30am • Depart 8:00am

29.7 mile route • STRONG SISTER • Yellow Arrows • Registration & Check-In 8:00am • Depart 9:00am

12 Mile route • BRAVE SISTER • Pink Arrows • Registration & Check-In 9:00am • Depart 10:00am

4.05 Mile route • WALK THE WAVE • Purple Arrows • Registration & Check-In 9:45am • Depart 10:30am

*We host a Departure Orientation and Safety Talk before each bike route departure. Follow appropriate COLOR route arrows for your course. Printable maps, cue sheets and RIDEWITHGPS links below. Be sure to visit our START/FINISH webpage for more day of ride information.

RIDER SAFETY is our utmost concern: most bike accidents on organized events occur between cyclists. PLEASE READ our Safety Tips for group riding. Ride safe and Ride S.M.A.R.T.  All roads and trails are open to all users. Please ride courteously to ensure the WAVE is invited back to these communities next year. PLEASE READ TRAIL CLOSURE ALERT BELOW

Lunch is served 11:30am - 3:30pm only at the Finish Line Festival

Riders may choose to leave earlier or later than posted start times, however, Finish Line Festival & Rest Stops are timed to coincide with Group Start Time. More recommendations below. Plan to ride within 30 minutes of the advertised start time so you can enjoy all the amenities of the event.

If you are riding the 29, 46 or 70 mile route please TAKE EXTREME CARE as you cross over into Issaquah via the new 1.5 mile re-route. All routes depart the trail at SE 51st and take the established lake route via 220th and turn Right on Sammamish Road NW. You MUST take the sidewalk at 220th and join the bike trail to cross over I-90 adjacent to SR900 (17th Ave NW). Volunteers will be on hand to guide the way. Please use cross walk signals to cross the busy streets.  

70-MILE MIGHTY SISTERS - SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT - Please note recommended arrival time for each rest stop. We highly recommend you adhere to the Rest Stop Timing Guidelines below if you intend to enjoy lunch and other festivities. Food lines close at 3:30pm! Timing assumes a 7am departure and is calculated on an average speed of 10 miles per hour.

WOODINVILLE REST STOP – At mile 24.6 - 70-mile riders must be at Woodinville no later than 9:30am. If you are here after this time, re-consider your route or pick up your speed. Be sure to check your timing when you arrive at Les Schwab. 

LES SCHWAB REST STOP – At mile 36.9 - 70-mile riders must be at Les Schwab no later than 10-10:30am. If you are here after this time, you are at risk of missing the Finish Line Festivities. We strongly recommend you re-consider your route or pick up your average speed in order to get to the finish line before 3:30pm.

To download routes on your GPS enabled device, visit the Master Route webpage on Ride With GPS.
Instructions for downloading routes for GPS devices can be found here

12-Mile Route

A great route for new cyclists and cyclists looking for a short, fun option. Mostly quiet roads and trails, this route includes one Rest Stop at Spiritridge Park then drops down to the lake before joining up with the rest of the riders at Newport Way.  

(12-mile Cue Sheet PDF)

29.7-Mile Route

For those riders looking for a slightly bigger challenge, this route travels north from Bellevue to Redmond before stopping just outside Marymoor Park for a well-earned Rest Stop. Riders will enjoy a scenic ride along East Lake Sammamish Blvd to Issaquah's Tibbetts Valley Park Rest Stop featuring the legendary Firefighters hand out "Hot Tamales" before heading back to the finish line via Newport Way.

(29.7-mile Cue Sheet PDF)

47-Mile Route

This ride travels north from Bellevue to Woodinville then back to Redmond, joining the 70-mile riders at mile 17 rest stop. Riders then loop back, stopping just outside Marymoor Park for a second rest stop. Participants rejoin the 29-mile route to ride along East Lake Sammamish Blvd to Issaquah's Tibbetts Valley Park Rest Stop. Enjoy the legendary Firefighters "Hot Tamales" before heading back to the finish line via Newport Way.

(47-mile Cue Sheet PDF)

70-Mile Route

This route is for the women who have been riding all summer and want a true challenge to end their season in style. It is indeed "the whole enchilada" with over 3800 feet of climbing and 4 rest stops to keep you going the distance. Riders enjoy a 20-mile Woodinville loop to Marymoor Park. Then it’s back to the Highlands for a climb up to the Sammamish plateau, back down to Issaquah, and finally return to Bellevue College via Newport Way. PLEASE NOTE: Riders must depart the 2nd Rest Stop at Les Schwab no later than 10:30AM to make it back in time for the Finish Line Party.

(70-mile Cue Sheet PDF)